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Book Nook: 'Watercress' by Andrea Wang

Cover of the book "Watercress" by Andrea Wang

Vick Mickunas interviews author Andrea Wang about her book "Watercress."

Last year I received an email from the author Ralph Keyes. I have known Ralph for over 25 years. He has written many superb books. Ralph went to Antioch College and he lived in Yellow Springs for decades. Now he lives in Portland. He e-mailed me to tell me about a book he thought I might want to cover. It was a picture book for children; "Watercress" by Andrea Wang.

Ralph mentioned that Andrea Wang had spent part of her childhood in Yellow Springs and that her book was really impressive. Over the years I have covered some childrens' books and I explained to Ralph that I wasn't sure if I could do an entire program about a picture book for kids. So I did nothing.

A year later my editor at the Dayton Daily News contacted me and asked if I would consider interviewing Andrea Wang about this very same book. Over the year since Ralph had emailed me about it the book had received all sorts of prestigious awards. At that point I tracked down a copy of the book and prepared to do a print interview with Andrea for the Cox Ohio newspapers.

When I read this exquisite book I realized how totally wrong I had been. This book is incredible. The story and the artwork exude a power that is amazing. "Watercress" is magnificent. When I interviewed Andrea for my newspaper article I asked her if she would agree to do a radio show as well. She graciously accepted my invitation.

I had been so very wrong. The book is fantastic and Andrea gives fabulous interviews, in print, and on the radio. Here it is.

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