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Book Nook: 'Me 'n' Clint' by Rick Donahoe

Cover of 'Me 'n' Clint' by Rick Donahoe

Vick Mickunas speaks with writer Rick Donahoe about his memoir Me 'n' Clint.

A number of years ago I met a fellow named Rick Donahoe. Rick had recently moved to Yellow Springs, Ohio. We became friends. Over the years that I have known him, I have learned a few things about him. One thing I knew is that he is a writer. I had read some of the pieces that he has written and I was impressed. Now and then I would suggest that he should write something that we could talk about some day on this program. I never really expected him to do it, though.

Then one day I opened my mailbox and found a package which he had sent me. It contained a book, a book he had written! I was so excited about that. I asked him if he would be willing to talk about it on the radio some time? He agreed.

Rick's book Me 'n' Clint is a memoir and a most unusual one. Over all these years that I have known him Rick has also been mentioning that he is a farrier. He would talk about it. Farriers are the specialists who take care of the hooves of horses. Every six to eight weeks a horse in Ohio will need to have an expert like Rick come by to look at their feet, to remove some of the hoof that has grown since their last visit. This requires a lot of work and care. The horseshoes need to be removed and then put back on again. That's what farriers do. Rick was a good one. He did that for many years. As Rick wound down his career as a farrier he finally had gotten it down to just one last horse remaining in his care. That horse was named Clint. Rick and Clint had grown old together. They had formed a bond. They knew each other well. Clint died not too long ago and Rick finally retired his blacksmithing anvil. This memoir is the story of Rick's journey as a farrier and that wonderful last horse. Good old Clint.

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