Tod Weidner

Host - The Jewel Case

A lifelong Miami Valley resident, Tod Weidner grew up in Ludlow Falls before moving to Dayton in the early 1990s. Tod graduated from Milton-Union High School and Sinclair Community College, and also attended the Columbus College Of Art & Design until his scholarship ran out and he moved home to pursue the lucrative career of a struggling musician. Tod has been heavily involved in the Dayton Music Scene for over 20 years, as both a solo performer and a member of such bands as The Motel Beds, Shrug, The American Static, and Set The Controls, to name just a few. When he's not playing, listening to, or reading about music, Tod keeps busy by fixing up his house, where he and his wife Patrice live under the strict and watchful authority of their two cats, Mikey and Joey.

To quote Mr. Mayfield: you don't need no ticket, just get on board. This week we're ridin' the rails; we'll be picking some of of our favorite train tunes from a near-inexhaustible supply of songs on the subject. I ask you: where else are you going to hear Sister Rosetta Tharpe and the Scorpions on the same playlist? Only here, that's where. We'll save you a window seat.

Last week our theme was "Up"; this week- you guessed it- it's "Down". We'll be spinning tunes about getting down, being down, going downtown, shuttin' em down, burning down, and many other down-related activities. It'll be downright downtastic.

I was going to do an "Up & Down" theme but, after compiling about 9 hours' worth of tunes in no time at all, I decided to split it up. Therefore, this week, we'll be dealing strictly with "UP"; Hank to 'Trane to Savages to Marley and gobs more will weigh in. Plus- some notable birthday celebrations and obits, and a little bit of globetrotting in the first hour, as well. That's what's up.

We've got a fun one in store this week: our theme is "Frankly, My Dear..." We'll be celebrating songs both BY Franks (Zappa, Sinatra, Morgan, etc.) and ABOUT Franks (from Pearl Bailey to Ween). Frankly speaking, you won't want to miss it.

This week we celebrate the world of fruits and veggies with this week's theme: PRODUCE. Ella and Satchmo to Wolfmother, Belafonte to Zappa, and many more will be on hand, so make sure you come hungry.

This week we "give the drummer some". And the bassist. And the keyboardist. And the guitarist, too. Our theme is "FRONTMAN TAKES FIVE"- we'll be featuring songs sung by OTHER members of the group than the usual lead singer. Results can vary; sometimes one is left with a clearer understanding why the member is NOT the lead singer (*cough*...Uli Roth, bless your heart). Other times, those tracks turn into hit singles (I'm lookin' at you, Don Brewer and Buck Dharma).

This week, it's another lovingly-administered dose of your weekly musical multivitamin, the Jewel Case. Birthday celebrations galore. A requiem for a rock & roll poet. A notable anniversary. Old stuff. New stuff. And- of course- our weekly theme. This week it's "PLAYIN' IN THE BAND"; we'll be spinning tracks about the ups, downs, up agains, and down agains of life as a musician from a long list of folks in the know.  Get in the van.

It's been a week, hasn't it? One of the things that always- ALWAYS- gets me through the dark times is good music. This week's theme is "Stormy Weather". We'll be be getting meteorological with everyone from Bob Mould to Fats Waller to Gregory Isaacs, and many more on top of that. We'll weather this storm like we do all the others.

Park your broom for another edition of your weekly musical multivitamin, the Jewel Case. This week's theme is "What the Hex?"; we'll be spinning tracks about witches, witchcraft, spells, potions, and whatnot, from Louis Prima to Ozzy Osbourne and most, if not all, stops in between.

Now boarding for an 8 Eastern departure at Gate 91.3- your weekly musical multivitamin, the Jewel Case. This week's theme is "AVIATION"- we'll be doing up tracks about planes and pilots with a WILDLY eclectic playlist: Frank Sinatra? Check. Joni Mitchell? Check. Husker Du? Motorhead? Lionel Hampton? Check. Check. Check. Come fly with us.