Rebecca Rine

Rebecca Rine is a writer living with her husband and two small children in Kettering. Find more of her work at: JaggedJourney.com

Earlier this week Google began experimenting with a new interest curation app that aims to compete with Facebook.  Commentator Rebecca Rine has been thinking about her relationship with that social network.

The other day I was looking at my list of Facebook friends and wondered: If I died tomorrow, how many of them would actually come to the funeral? The truth is, most of them would not, and would, in fact, post about it the next day on Facebook: “OMG, did you hear about what happened to Rebecca?”

police lights
Scott Davidson / Flickr Creative Commons

Police departments around the country are exploring ways to improve their relationship with their local community. Commentator Rebecca Rine decided to see what she could do as a citizen to learn more about her local police.

With so much negative behavior and publicity in police forces across America, I decided to enroll in the Kettering Citizens Police Academy to gain some insight into my own community’s police force. I had no idea just how deep that insight would go.

Toban B. / Flickr Creative Commons

A recent trip to a drugstore prompted commentator Rebecca Rine to take a look at aging and find some clarity in the process.

The more I age, the more I appreciate the importance of eating right, exercising and not lying in the sun with bacon grease on my body. I do all these things easily on a daily basis, but I refuse to throw down my hard-earned money on beauty creams created to somehow “fix” my aging face.

Wright Brothers bench
designatednaphour / Flickr Creative Commons

Last week Kettering writer Rebecca Rine sent her kids back to school, and it caused her to think about FOCUS:  how to teach it to her kids and how to refine it in her own life.   In this commentary, which first appeared in the Dayton Daily news - she explains that her inspiration is the Wright Brothers.