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Private Funeral Services Scheduled By Betts Family

The Bridges family drove over an hour to place nine teddy bears on the memorial in the Oregon District, one for each of the victims who lost their lives.
Jason Reynolds

Private funeral services have been scheduled for the 24-year-old gunman responsible for a mass shooting in Dayton’s Oregon District, and his 22-year-old sibling, who was one of the victims.

On Monday, the Betts family published obituaries for their only children on a Bellbrook funeral home’s website. The family described their son as "funny, articulate, and intelligent."  The obituary was removed Wednesday and replaced with a statement from the family: 

Stephen and Moira Betts apologize that the wording of the obituary for their son Connor was insensitive in not acknowledging the terrible tragedy that he created. In their grief, they presented the son that they knew, which in no way reduces the horror of his last act. We are deeply sorry.

The obituary for Megan Betts remains online. In it, the family called Megan "enormously creative" and "a loving, caring, and supportive friend." 

In both obituaries, the family requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Glen Helen Ecology Institute in Yellow Springs where the family  spent time together.

Nick Boutis is the director of Glen Helen. He hasn’t been in touch with the Betts family, but says the Glen Helen Ecology Institute has a policy of accepting all gifts.

"I think it's important for us to recognize that that there's a family that is grieving and reeling with that grief, and trying to find a way to channel that grief into something that offers meaning to them," said Boutis. "And as a director of a charitable organization we take the intent of our donors very seriously."

Dayton Police and the FBI are continuing to investigate the August 4 mass shooting.  In an earlier statement the Betts family said they are cooperating with law enforcement.