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FBI: Oregon District Shooter Had Obsession With Violence

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Jess Mador

Law enforcement authorities say the shooter in the Oregon District attack had a history of obsession with violence and had expressed a previous desire to commit a mass shooting.

Dayton Police announced Tuesday the Federal Bureau of Investigation is taking over the investigation into the 24-year-old killer’s motives in the attack that left nine people dead and more than two dozen others injured.

At a press conference, an FBI special agent from the Cincinnati Field Office told reporters there’s still a lot of evidence to go through. 

Investigators want to know what, if any, ideology may have influenced the Dayton attacker, who if anyone may have helped or had advance knowledge of the attack, and why the shooter committed this specific act of violence. 

At a press conference Tuesday, Dayton Police revealed the shooter had a history of obsession with what they described as violent ideations.
City of Dayton

There’s no indication the shooter was on the FBI’s radar prior to the Oregon District attack, Cincinnati Special Agent in Charge Todd  Wickerham says. 

He says the investigation has not turned up evidence the Dayton shooting was racially motivated or influenced by the recent violence in El Paso, Texas. 

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information related to the Dayton shooting is asked to share it by calling the FBI tip line at: 1-800-call-FBI, or by going online to: www.fbi.gov/daytonshooting.