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Community Groups To Host Alternative Events During Saturday Klan Rally

Valerie Smith
Dayton United Against Hate

Dayton activists have organized a number of events this Saturday for residents planning to stay away from Courthouse Square during a planned rally by an Indiana-based KKK-group.
The Dayton Unit NAACP is sponsoring two events in response to the rally. On Saturday, the group is holding what it calls a "family-friendly community celebration of love, peace, unity, and diversity" at McIntosh Park in Dayton. The event runs from 1 to 3 p.m. and includes speakers and live music.  The group has also organized a "cleansing of the square"from 2-4 p.m on Sunday. The public is invited to come together to “wash away the hate” at Courthouse Square after Saturday’s rally. 

Love Fest DYT, a block party style event organized by a Dayton resident, will be held on Saturday from 1-5 p.m.. The event at Oak and Ivy Park features live performances, food trucks, and a DJ. 
And, the Neon movie theater is hosting a free screening of the film Loving on Saturday. The movie follows the story of an interracial couple fighting for their legal right to marry. The event begins at noon.
These events, and other local initiatives are part of Dayton United Against Hate, a grassroots movement formed in reaction to the rally. 
For more information on alternative events, road closures, and transit changes related to Saturday’s rally, visit daytonohio.gov/May25

RTA officials announced disruptions to bus routes as a result of this weekend's planned KKK-group rally in Courthouse Square.