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Senator Portman Promises to Enforce Checks and Balances for President-Elect Donald Trump

Ohio’s newly re-elected Sen. Rob Portman will return to Capitol Hill with a Republican-controlled Congress and White House.

But Portman says he’s still ready to enforce checks and balances with President-Elect Donald Trump.

Portman says he doesn’t have the concerns about a Trump presidency that he had when he decided not to vote for the Republican nominee. However, Portman did say he’s prepared to keep the executive office in check if he ever thinks the president-elect goes too far.

“I view myself as an independent voice for Ohio and if I disagree with something from the Trump administration just as what would have been the case from the Clinton administration, I will of course stand up and I assume others will as well,” Portman said.

Portman wouldn’t say where he stands on Trump’s proposal for a wall along the Mexican border; instead he says general immigration reform could act as a “virtual wall.” He has said he disagrees with Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from immigrating to the United States.