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Trump Stumps In Wilmington

Thousand gather at the Roberts Center in Wilmington to hear candidate Trump speak.
Jerry Kenney

At noon on Thursday, Donald Trump appeared before an enthusiastic crowd of thousands gathered at the Roberts Center in Wilmington, Ohio. Trump was introduced by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who criticized Hillary Clinton's track record as Secretary of State and her controversial dealings with the Clinton Foundation.

The candidate's main focus was the economy and trade deals.

“We’re going to negotiate fair trade deals that put American workers back to work, that put America first,” said Trump.

The Republican opposes the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)  deal endorsed by the Obama administration. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also opposes the deal.

Credit Jerry Kenney
Ron Ungerer (right) says Trump wasn't his first choice for president but thinks the candidate has become presidential in his speech delivery but doesn't want him to 'become a politician.'

Trump also said that under his administration, school choice would be in, Common Core would be out, and there will be a wall along the U.S./Mexico Border.

“I had a great meeting yesterday with the president of Mexico to express our shared desire, and it is a shared desire, to secure the border, put the cartels out of business, and to keep jobs in our hemisphere,” said Trump.

Among those who traveled to Wilmington to see Trump was Kathy O’Bradovic of Franklin, Ohio. It was her first time seeing a presidential candidate in person. O’Bradovic says the campaign's slogan of “Make America Great Again” isn’t about taking rights away from any group.

Credit Jerry Kenney
David Standring and his wife Debbie of Fayetteville, Ohio have no love for Republicans who did not pledge to support the party's nominee. In particular, Ohio Governor John Kasich, who declined to attend the Republican National Convention held in his own state.

“It’s not about that," she said. "We as Americans have fought hard for rights for a long, long time, and I think special interest groups get a warped sense of entitlement or rights, or whatever. We just need to get back to core values of what’s right and what’s wrong, and see America strengthen herself again.”  

Mary Ann and Pat Black of Centerville were also first- timers at a Trump rally.

“In our life we’ve progressed from being Democrats to Republicans and now we just have to be called Trumpsters because we see a lot of areas where we don’t place trust in the Republicans and none in the Democrats,” said Pat Black.

Yet, the Blacks acknowledge that some of Trump’s comments, throughout his candidacy, have been controversial.  

Credit Jerry Kenney
Ron Caisson of Tipp City and his family believe in Trump's message that it's time to put America first again. As a Veteran and former GM worker, Ron is concerned about the economy, the drug epidemic, and the treatment of veterans around the country. He believes the time is right for a female president, but says Clinton is not the right choice for America.

“I didn’t support him initially but I do now wholeheartedly, one-thousand percent," said Mary Ann Black. "I mean nothing he could say could out do what she’s done." 

Other issues Trump touched on were tax, energy, and regulatory reforms, and a strengthening of the U.S. military.

Donald Trump, with introduction by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, speaking in Wilmington, Ohio.

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