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Ohio DNC Delegation Looks Ahead To Fall Election

HIllary Clinton speaking at the Ohio Democratic Party Legacy dinner
Statehouse News Bureau

Today is the last day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and divisions among Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton delegates remain clear.


Clinton delegate and former Dayton Mayor Rhine McClin has attended several Democratic conventions in the past. She says this has been the most visibly contentious one yet, but that doesn’t make her nervous about the general election.

“Because at the end of the day, Democrats will come together and do what they need to do," says McClin. "And I think President Obama made a very good case on do for Hillary Clinton what we did for him.”

Sanders delegate and Dayton native David Sparks didn’t participate in “Bernie or Bust” protests at the convention, but says he could empathize with the demonstrators. He says this fall, he’ll vote for Clinton, but he’ll also campaign for other progressive candidates and issues.

“And hold Secretary Clinton’s feet to the fire on issues. We’re not going to be disengaged...whoever is elected in November. We’re going to be just as engaged as we were for this campaign.”

Hillary Clinton will officially accept her party’s nomination for president tonight.