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ACLU Sues Cleveland Over RNC Protest Rules

ACLU of Ohio

The ACLU of Ohio is suing the city of Cleveland over regulations for protests during next month's Republican National Convention.  

ACLU of Ohio Executive Director Christine Link says one of the suits calls for the city to reduce the size of the so called “Event Zone” which covers more than 3-square miles of downtown. Link says people within the zone, particularly the homeless, would be restricted from carrying items such as sleeping bags, canned food and coolers.

“It includes churches and it includes an awful lot of space where people would like to exercise their First Amendment right whether it’s through a parade, a march, using a stage to have a gathering. All of those things are restricted within the Event Zone.”

Link says the suits also call for changes to the assigned parade route and hours and for the city to speed up the permitting process for protest applications. City officials say they cannot comment on ongoing lawsuits.

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