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Primary Election Results: March 15, 2016


The presidential primary results came early after the polls closed on Tuesday night with Hillary Clinton winning for the Democractic party, and Ohio Governor John Kasich taking the Republican nomination in his home state over Donald Trump.

With about half of percent of precincts reporting, we have preliminary results for several Miami Valley primaries for state Senate and House seats:

In the Republican race for State Senate District 4, Bill Coley is winning with 55 percent of the vote over three other candidates. In District 6, we’re seeing a victory for incumbent Peggy Lehner, with 71 percent of the vote over opponent Barbara Temple.

For Senate District 10, the Springfield area, Bob Hackett is the projected winner with 58 percent of the vote over his opponent Brian Walton. And in District 12, Matt Huffman appears to be winning over John Adams, 64 to 36 percent.

Those are all winners in Republican primaries.


On the house side, the 40th district looks like a victory for incumbent Michael Henne in the Republican primary. He was running against Huber Heights Mayor Tom McMasters.

In the 51st district, Wes Retherford has a Republican primary victory over Courtney Combs. In the 52nd District, Candice Keller has 59 percent over Joe Mulligan’s 41 percent. The 62nd district is still too close to call. And the Republican primary for the 74th looks like it will go to Bill Dean with 44 percent of the vote—he’s trailed by three other candidates there.


In a fairly tight democratic primary for Clark County Commissioner, Roger Tackett is in the lead with 47 percent of the vote. He wins out over Dale Henry and Darrell Jackson in the only contested county commission primary race in Clark county.

And we have results for John Boehner’s open seat in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District. This was the race that has 15 Republican candidates in the primary for Boehner’s seat.

These candidates are running BOTH for a special election to fill out this term, and for the primary for the next full term.

Troy businessman Warren Davidson is the likely winner with 32 percent. He’s trailed by Timothy Derickson and Bill Beagle.

Davidson takes the seat through 2016. And he’ll face democrat Corey Foister and Green Party candidate James Condit in November for the race for the new term.

The race for Rob Portman’s senate seat will be Portman versus former governor Strickland.

Cincinnati Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld conceded to Strickland in the Democratic primary earlier this evening. Sittenfeld picked up just 21 percent of the vote with 85 percent of precincts reporting.

And Portman’s opponent Don Eckhart also didn’t fare well. He got just 18 percent to Portman’s 82 percent.

That means we’re looking at a prominent former governor against a sitting senator this fall, and it’s expected to be a tight race.

CORRECTION: WYSO news staff announced on air that a school levy in Fairborn had failed. As of today it appears that levy has passed. Check with your local county board of elections for preliminary results, which are not yet certified by the counties. Close elections may require a recount. 

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