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Kasich Tries To Gain National Attention During Latest Debate

Kasich for America
Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Gov. John Kasich was among 10 Republican presidential candidates on the debate stage Wednesday night.


This was Kasich’s chance to get more attention. He’s still struggling to gain traction is early voting states like New Hampshire and Iowa.


During his opening statement, the governor echoed his pre-debate rally comments telling voters he’s tired of the “nonsense” he’s heard from the other candidates.


“I’ve heard them talk about deporting 10 or 11 — people here from this country out of this country, splitting families. I’ve heard about tax schemes that don’t add up, that put our kids in a deeper hole than they are today," Kasich said. "We need somebody who can lead. We need somebody who can balance budgets, cut taxes.”


Throughout the debate, he pointed to his experience in Congress in the 90s, as well as his efforts to balance Ohio’s budget and lowering the unemployment rate.


“If I become President because we’ll have a Constitutional Amendment to require a federally balanced budget so they will do their job.”


Kasich told the audience he fears voters will choose someone who “can’t do the job.” The governor had the third most talk time during the debate. The next debate is scheduled for Nov. 10 in Milwaukee.