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Salt Settlement Distribution Announced

The Attorney General's office will begin sending settlement checks to 848 entities across the state.
User: AlbertHerring
Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Nearly $12 million will be distributed across 850 Ohio communities, stemming from a settlement between the state and two salt companies.

Neither Minnesota-based Cargill nor Chicago-based Morton Salt have admitted any wrong-doing, but both have paid out roughly $8 million and $4 million respectively, to settle an antitrust case filed in 2012 by the Ohio Attorney General.

In its suit, Mike DeWine’s office alleged that the two companies divided up the Ohio market, agreed not to compete with one another, and then raised rock salt prices for nearly a decade.

The Attorney General’s Office says this agreement between Cargill and Morton left highway departments and public works companies across Ohio paying above-market prices for salt, as they tried to keep roadways clear of ice and snow in the winter season. 

Montgomery County will receive roughly $246,000. The money will go to local schools, cities and even the Greater Dayton RTA.


Greene County will get a little more than $136,000. The largest share of that will go toward the county itself. Clark County can expect about $65,000. The county and city of Springfield will get most of that money.


Other payments went to government agencies including the Ohio Department of Transportation, which received $1.7 million, and the Ohio Turnpike Commission, which received $174,000.