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TEDxDayton Speaker To Share Story Of Inspiration And Spirit

Jerry Kenney
Harriet Kamakil-Brown grew up in Kenya’s largest slum, Kibera. Her TEDxDayton bio says "she is interested in working with and supporting disadvantaged youth especially in pursuit of an education." ";

Last week began introducing you to some of the speakers at this year’s TEDxDayton conference. It happens Oct. 16 at the Victoria Theatre, and our purpose is to give you a small taste of who some of the speaker are and what they plan to talk about. Today you’ll meet Harriet Kamakil-Brown.

Harriet works and studies at the University of Dayton. She moved here 10 years ago and attended Sinclair Community College and Wittenberg University. Today she tells us about growing up in Kenya’s largest slum, how she came to Dayton and what she’ll tell TEDx audiences.

If you’ve ever checked out TED Talks on Youtube or TED.com, you know it’s an event that features a series of dynamic speakers on a wide variety of subjects—Ideas Worth Spreading. TED Talks has generated big audiences, and cities around the country, including Dayton, have spun off their own events in recent years. This year’s TEDxDayton conference will feature live local speakers looking to spark deep discussion and create connections among local audiences.