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GOP Candidate Carson Stumps At Cedarville University

Jerry Kenney
Dr. Ben Carson talks with reporters on the campus of Cedarvill University.

GOP presidential candidate and former neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson was at Cedarville University Tuesday on a campaign stop.

Carson is one of the front runners in the Republican primary race, although he's well behind Donald Trump in the polls. 

In his speech to students and faculty, Carson talked about the importance of an informed electorate. He also touched on his opposition to Obamacare while promoting health savings accounts. And, he responded to what he called the mis-characterization of a recent comment he made about not supporting a Muslim president, saying no ones faith should be denigrated, but any president should not put their faith before the constitution. 

He told reporters before the event, "I said it doesn't matter what their religion is but obviously if we're talking about people who don't fit into that category I'm not going to advocate for them."

When asked if he supports President Obama’s call for free tuition on college campuses, Carson said no, adding “That absolutely makes no sense if you have any idea what kind of shape we’re in right now and it's a simple gimmick to try to buy votes.”

When the candidate was asked about legalizing marijuana, which Ohio voters will decide on in the next election, the candidate said he only supports legalization for medicinal purposes.

"A lot of the medicines that we utilize very effectively, if we just put those out there I would be toxic and cause lots of problems,” he said.

And in responding to Governor Scott Walker’s announcement that he was ending his candidacy for president, Carson told reporters what it would take for him to leave the race

He said, "I guess my litmus test would be logic. Obviously if you don't have money and you don't have support, what the heck are you doing there?”

His next stop is the University of Dayton Arena for a Dayton Right to Life event and campaign stops Wednesday in Michigan.

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