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Report States Ohio To Experience Shortage Of Dentists

A recent study shows a dentists shortage already exists in rural areas.
User: Conor Lawless
Flickr/Creative Commons

A new report shows Ohio is likely to experience a shortage of dentists in the future. And that’s a big reason why some people say the state has to change rules for dentists, hygienists and dental therapists now.

David Maywhoor with Dental Access Now says a new study shows there’s already a shortage in rural areas and that will get worse.

“In 2012, Ohio had 6,260 dentists. By 2025, the number of dentists in our state will be just 5,887. So Ohio will be short 627 dentists to meet the demand in 2025,” he said.

Maywhoor says Ohio needs to allow dental therapists and hygienists the opportunity to do more procedures. And he says something needs to be done to help get more dental care to Ohioans in rural areas.

Right now, he says dentists often graduate college with a lot of debt so they gravitate toward urban and suburban areas where they are likely to have patients with dental insurance and incomes to pay for services.