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Traffic Camera Battle Continues Between City And State

traffic camera red light camera
Robert Couse-Baker
Flickr/Creative Commons

The city of Dayton will continue to use its traffic cameras, but will now only make citations when an officer is present. It’s part of an ongoing face-off with the state over the use of the speed and red light cameras.

In March, the state of Ohio created a law banning the use of traffic cameras to ticket drivers, unless a police officer was on site.  

Several cities, including Dayton filed lawsuits against the state, saying the law violated "home rule" authority.

Dayton won an injunction against the new law, but a provision in the new two year state budget says the state will take away  funds from local governments who continue to use traffic cameras—funds that could add up to a $1.9 million loss for the city.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley responded in a news conference Tuesday, saying the city is fighting back.

“The city of Dayton filed a motion asking the Montgomery County court to enforce its injunction order," she said. "The state’s actions are a legislative affront to their judicial authority. The cameras remain on and in enforcement mode today.”

Mayor Whaley says the city will adhere to the law, for now, and only issue tickets at traffic cameras where an officer is present.  She says she’s hopeful a judge will intervene.