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Governor Promises Vetoes In State Budget

Lawmakers scrapped Gov. Kasich's proposal that would have given schools less money.
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Ohio Statehouse

The state budget is now on the governor’s desk, and he says he’ll sign it by the fiscal year’s end on June 30. 

Gov. John Kasich didn’t get a lot of what he wanted – for instance, increases in the sales, commercial activity or fracking taxes. But he says it’s the third budget in a row to cut income taxes.

“We push very, very big ideas here. And sometimes a victory is to push those ideas,” Kasich said. “You get as much of it done as you can.”

Democrats proposed hundreds of amendments in the House and the Senate. State Rep. Denise Driehaus (D-Cincinnati) voted against the budget, which she says perpetuates the idea that tax cuts that benefit the wealthy will trickle down to the middle and working class.

“It’s like they dusted off the old plan and put it in front of us and said, ‘We’re going to do this all over again’ and expect a different result,” she said.

Kasich says there will be some vetoes in this budget, but gave no hints as to what he might strike out.