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Senior Prank Costly For Northwestern School District, Students Plead Not Guilty To Felony Charges

Four Northwestern High School seniors have plead not guilty to felony charges in connection with a senior prank that caused the district to postpone a fourth grade field trip and cancel classes. 

Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly noted that the four teens allegedly removed the valve stems and flattened 60 tires on 24 school buses. The vandalism, according to Kelly, will be costly for the district.

"The school may have to have an additional day of school because they have used up all of their calamity days, and so there will be a financial impact to that," he said. "A company was called to come and reinstall stems into all of the tires and at one point they were charging $124 an hour. So there was an impact to this school district and this community that went far beyond a senior prank."

The school district is also planning to refund money to parents who paid for their kids to go on the canceled field trip.

Sheriff Kelly explained that the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office has offered the four teens a chance to enter a diversion program, which would involve pleading guilty, making restitution and community service. If they complete the program, their charges would be dropped.