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Tecumseh Superintendent Pleads Guilty To Three Felony Charges

The superintendent of the Tecumseh School District in Clark County has accepted a plea deal related to three felony counts that stated he used school funds to support a gambling habit.

An investigation by law enforcement revealed Brad Martin stole money from the school to spend more than 300 days gambling at a casino.

Under the term's of Martin's deal, he plead guilty to three felony charges and will make restitution to the district from his State Teachers Retirement account.

Interim superintendent Paula Crew, declined to go on air, but did state that the Tecumseh School District is seeking to terminate Martin. A hearing with the state board of education is scheduled for May 18 and a pre-sentencing hearing on the felony charges has been set for June 30.

Brad Martin has been suspended without pay since January. Neither he nor his attorney returned calls seeking comment.