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Attorney General's Task Force: Police In Ohio Need More Training

Jo Ingles
Ohio Public Radio
Attorney General Mike DeWine's task force released its recommendations this week.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Advisory Group on Law Enforcement Training is recommending some changes it says will improve policing statewide. This group wants some standards to determine who should get into training classes and increases training for officers statewide.

DeWine says there are few requirements for people who want to enroll in police officer training academics throughout the state.

“High school diploma or GED? Not required. Drug screening? Not required. Psychological exam? Not required. Voice stress polygraph? Not required. Physical fitness standard? Not required before someone enters the academy,” DeWine said.

DeWine says the task force recommendations include requiring those tests or achievements to enter basic training. And once police officers are on the job, this group wants them to get an additional 40 hours of advanced training each year.

Ohio Fraternal Order of Police Spokesman Mike Weinman likes this, but says with the elimination of the estate tax and cuts to local government funds, local communities can’t afford it.

“One of the first things that agencies have to cut is training. You know, that’s the first thing that goes. So it would be great to have some sort of funding mechanism there,” Weinman said.

There is no cost estimate for the additional training at this point and a way to pay for it has not been determined.