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Some Districts Dissatisfied With Third Grade Reading Law

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It’s the second year of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee. All third graders are required to pass a reading test Tuesday in order to move to fourth grade—but not everyone is happy with this new system.

Students take an initial exam in the fall. Then they’re tested in a second round to check for improvement in their reading skills. Kids who still haven’t hit a certain score are held back for more intensive instruction. Last year many districts in the area created summer reading programs.

But Huber Heights Schools Superintendent Sue Gunnell says these requirements aren’t helpful in every case.  

“When you look at the amount of tests that our children are going through now...you think it’s much more beneficial to continue to monitor their progress. But I think we can do it in a more informal, yet formative way to help guide what we’re doing,” she said.

Third graders will also be taking a math and science assessment next week. Even though there’s been some complaint from superintendents, lawmakers aren’t currently considering any changes to the third grade reading law. The focus right now is on the other tests known as PARCC that are associated with the Common Core standards.