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WYSO Weekend: March 22, 2015

WYSO Weekend

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:  Miami Valley StoryCorps, Dayton Youth Radio and WYSO Curious. You’ll also hear about the current state of manufacturing jobs in the Dayton region, and how some local organizations are challenging you to lower your food budgets in the week ahead. 

  • A new poll shows widespread support for the dollar a pack tax on cigarettes in Governor Kasich’s proposed budget. As Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, health advocates are hoping this poll will persuade lawmakers to keep that tax in place as the budget goes through the legislative process.
  • Manufacturing is coming back to Ohio, although they’re only trickling in. There are still far fewer than there were before the Recession. Plus, the jobs themselves are different: many companies are actually paying less for the same work. Auto parts manufacturing has been an area of particularly steep declines. Median earnings in Ohio fell nearly 10 percent from 2001 to 2013, with new hires in auto parts manufacturing coming in at around 25 percent less than other workers. WYSO’s Lewis Wallace talked to Cathy Ruckelshaus of the National Employment Law Project, a left-leaning organization based in New York. The group published a study late last year called “Manufacturing Low Pay.”
  • This week some Miami Valley organizations are raising awareness about hunger—by challenging you to lower your food budget.  Can you feed yourself on $4.50 (4 dollars and 50 cents) a day, or $37.50 a week? Local churches and non-profits want you to find out by taking the Hunger Solidarity Challenge. Laura Roesch is the executive director of Catholic Social Services Miami Valley – one of those organizations behind the challenge.
  • WYSO Curious: In just the last four years, the Miami Valley has gone from having no micro-breweries to at least a dozen. But Community Voices producer Jason Reynolds found Dayton’s growing craft beer scene has a couple new twists—and one very old one. WYSO Curious is our occasional series where you ask questions, and our reporters answer them online and on air. Check out pictures and more information on craft brewers on W-Y-S-O dot org. While you’re there, ask your OWN question for WYSO Curious.
  • On Miami Valley StoryCorps we bring you conversations between local people who went to the StoryCorps booth in Dayton last spring. Today we hear Don Hayashi and Deb Dunlop discuss their first meeting and 40 year marriage. Hayashi is a retired church executive, and active community volunteer, including many years on the WYSO Community Resource Board. His wife Deb Dunlop is a mental health counselor and community volunteer, as well.
  • On today’s segment of Dayton Youth Radio we'll hear a story about the desire to be famous, produced by Lucien Wright who wants to be a hip-hop star. DYR Program Manager, Basim Blunt introduces the story.  
  • Dick Fowler, was a teacher for many years—he taught math and science at West Carrollton High School, and many of you know his as the host of Science Thursday on WYSO, which ran for a number of years during Morning Edition. It’s with fond memories that we play one of those for you now.... Dick Fowler died peacefully in his home on Sunday, March 15th.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, especially his sons, Richard, Lance, and Neal, and his daughter Linda.