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Kasich Says Ohio In Full Recovery Following Recession

Office of Governor John Kasich

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is finding reason to celebrate the latest job numbers in Ohio. When he took his first term in office at the start of 2011, Ohio had just gone through a tough recession, losing 350,000 private sector jobs in the process. Kasich says things have improved significantly.

“I’m really pleased to announce that we have seen a job creation in about four years of now 352,000 jobs. We are now fully recovered from that downturn of the 350,000 jobs lost,” he said.

Kasich says the job numbers could bounce around a bit in the next month or so, but he’s confident that his policies have strengthened Ohio’s economy.

But the head of Ohio’s Democratic Party, David Pepper, says there’s no reason to celebrate. Pepper says average Ohioans are dealing with stagnant or low wages, more debt when it comes to their kid’s tuition and would pay more in taxes if the Governor’s tax plan is approved by lawmakers.