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Beavercreek Eyes Parks Repairs With New Levy

The city of Beavercreek is looking forward to fixing up some of its parks.

A recently passed property tax levy is expected to bring in $1.1 million this year to the parks and recreation department. Interim Parks Superintendent Kim Farrell says some of the parks are getting a little run down.

“We have a few playgrounds that have kind of out-lived what the industry standards state,” she said. “And so now we’re going to be able to replace those playgrounds instead of taking them out and just having a dust ball.”

Other items on the to-do list include resurfacing the tennis courts at Lafino Park and taking out a section of rotted wood at the skate park and replacing it.

Farrell says money coming in through the levy is the parks department’s main source of revenue. And it’s only going to last for the next five years. So she says there are no new projects in the works unless the city comes up with a permanent cash flow.

But overall, Beavercreek is doing pretty well financially. The 2015 budget, which totals $36.6 million, is up by $2.8 million compared to last year. That’s an 8.3 percent increase.