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Men Of Color Go Back To School

Jerry Kenney/WYSO

On Wednesday, December 10th, in schools across Dayton, Men of Color are going back to school. The day-long program is designed to provide black students with positive role models.

“Men of Color Go Back To School” is about taking the problems facing young black males head on says City Commissioner Jeffrey Mims.

"They’re leading the pack when it comes to suspensions, being put into special education, incarceration and unfortunately some of these untimely negative situations of violence and death," he adds.

Mims says more than twenty community leaders are making their way into Dayton classrooms to assist teachers and share their experiences with students—men like artist Bing Davis.

The commissioner says Davis "is a perfect example of using all of your talents and skills to make your contribution to society and that is the type of enthusiasm that we’ve gotten from so many of the individuals involved in this project.”

Other who have signed on to the project include Mims' fellow City Commissioner Joey Williams, State Representative Fred Strayhorn and his father, and Major Mark Ecton of the Dayton Police Department.

Men of Color is an extension of the Obama administration program, “My Brother's Keeper, and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley’s City of Learners Initiative.”  Organizers hope to expand the program after its initial launch today.

Dayton Public Schools, the Dayton Education Association, and the local United Way chapter are also partners in the project.

Men Of Color Go Back To School
Listen to the full interview with City Commissioner Jeffrey Mims Jr.