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Local Teacher Salary Requirement Removed From Bill

Ohio House Education Committee Chair Gerald Stebelton says removing a local requirement in the teacher salary bill being considered at the Ohio Statehouse could help get it passed.

The state is keeping its teacher salary schedule. It spells out the minimum pay a new teacher should make, and how much and when a teacher’s salary would increase. A move to change that schedule got a lot of pushback from unions, and is gone -- for now.

The House considered a provision that would still require districts to have some type of teacher salary schedule but doesn’t say how much they should pay. That measure was cut out of a bill before passing the House.

Republican Representative Gerald Stebelton of Lancaster—who chairs the House Education Committee—says leaders thought getting rid of the provision improved the bill’s chance of passing.

“There was some opposition to the bill from various sources and in order to gain the majority votes that we needed the people in the rules committee just decided to delete that,” he said.

Stebelton says the bill as a whole makes little tweaks that improve Ohio’s education system. Stebelton, who is term limited, was for the salary schedule change saying it added more flexibility on the local level.