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Attorney General Candidate, Pepper, Joins Call For AG Recusal

The call for Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine to recuse himself from the investigation into the shooting of 22 year John Crawford III inside a Beavercreek Walmart is now being echoed by his political rival.

The Crawford family and recent protestors have called for DeWine to remove himself from the investigation. Now, the candidate who wants to replace DeWine as Attorney General, David Pepper, says the top investigator should be impartial.

“It’s very clear that Mike DeWine is not that," he said. "He’s got a lot of ties, he even has a daughter who currently works for the Greene County prosecutor’s office.  There’s nothing wrong with the fact that she does but it clearly means that he clearly has a conflict of interest and shouldn’t be involved in the case."

Pepper also believes the AG is adding confusion to the process. DeWine, however disagrees.

‘When the common pleas court in Greene County appointed Mark Piepmeier as the special prosecuting attorney," the lawmaker said, "he is the Lawyer. He is the prosecutor. He is the one that will present the case to the grand jury and they will follow his direction, not mine.”

DeWine says the investigation is nearly complete and to change course could mean a new investigation. 

Crawford was shot by police August 5th after 911 calls brought them to a Beavercreek Walmart. A grand jury will convene in the case on September 22nd.