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Have you ever had to reinvent yourself, because of the big changes in our local economy or in your personal life? Did you lose a job, go back to school, do things you never thought you’d be doing? What is that like?

ReInvention Stories: Islom Shakhbandarov

Sarah Buckingham / Eric Risher
Islom Shakhbandarov

Beginning today, WYSO brings you the second season of ReInvention Stories, profiles of Daytonians who are reinventing themselves and their communities.  Last year, in season one, we heard stories from South Park Belmont, Twin Towers and Residence Park. This year we’ll visit Old North Dayton and Five Oaks – plus the western suburb of Trotwood.

We’ll find out how people are coping with ongoing changes in the local economy and learn about the dreams they have for themselves and their neighborhoods.

First, we go to Old North Dayton, where the bridge at Keowee Street is lined with the national flags from the neighborhood’s founding immigrant communities: Hungarian, Polish, German and Lithuanian. In the last few months, a Turkish flag went up as well.

Major funding for the second season of ReInvention Stories comes from the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation with support from Wright State University CELIA fund, the Yellow Springs Community Foundation and Antioch College.