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Ohio Gov. Kasich Proposes Midterm Budget

Office of Governor John Kasich

Gov. John Kasich's midterm budget was released today.  Among the key proposals –

The Governor is calling for an 8.5 percent income tax cut for Ohioans - to bring the top rate to 4.66 percent by 2016. Kasich also proposed an increase in cigarette taxes - to $1.85 a pack. Similar increases would apply to other tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

Within the Governor’s education proposals is an extension of vocational options to 7th and 8th graders, dropout recovery programs for adults ages 22 and older, and $10 million in casino licensing fees for the state’s Community Connectors mentorship program.

For Veterans, the Governor is asking the state to fast-track state licensing and certification for veterans and their spouses, grant free college credit to veterans for military training and experience. He also wants schools to give veterans priority in course registration and career counseling.

Testimony on the Governor’s proposals are set to begin in the GOP-led Ohio House on Wednesday afternoon.