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Levy Failures Lead To Budget Cuts For Disability Services

The Clark County agency that helps disabled people find work and live independently is facing $4 million in budget cuts after two consecutive levy defeats. The Clark County Board of Developmental Disabilities has come up with a three-year strategic plan in order to maintain services to the disabled in the area.

The Developmental Disabilities Board previously had passed every levy request it had placed on the ballot since 1967. But voters in 2012 and 2013 rejected the request and now the organization is facing steep cuts.  

Two programs will be immediately affected. Board Superintendent Jennifer Rousculp says The F.F. Mueller Residential Center will see significant changes and that they will have less space available to house the disabled.

"We still will serve the same number of people we will just be serving them differently," Rousculp says. "Some of those individuals will be moved into community homes and served with more state and federal dollars as opposed to local dollars."

The other program impacted is the Quest program, which offers job training. It’s the first step of the board’s strategic plan, and the changes are expected to save nearly $2 million dollars.  

Rousculp says after those cuts are made, the board will look into other services it offers and other area organizations may have to step in to fill the gap. Currently, the board has no plans to place another levy on the ballot this year.