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Democrats Say There Must Be Early Voting This Weekend, But Secretary of State Says It’s Not Law

Though Ohioans have been casting ballots early for years, the weekend before election day has been a disputed time. And though this is an off year election, that’s no different this year.

Many counties won’t be allowing in-person voting the weekend before the election. Democrats including party chair Rep. Chris Redfern say a ruling in a lawsuit from last year requires in person voting this weekend.

“It’s time for Secretary Husted to tell the counties that are not following state and federal law,” says Redfern.

But Jon Husted’s spokesman Matt McClellan says legislators need to settle this.

“The secretary has sent them a letter asking that they address this issue, that they set uniform days and hours,” says McClellan.

Democrats say a federal court ruling last year required all voters to be allowed to vote up until election day, as military voters can. But McClellan says voting hours must be set by county board

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