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Ohio Senate Passes Bill With Rules For Minor Parties To Be On Ballot

One of the leaders of Ohio’s Green Party says his group is collateral damage in a fight between Statehouse Republicans and the Libertarian Party. Green Party Co Chair Bob Fitrakis says a newly passed bill in the Ohio Senate hurts his group.

"This bill is about one thing – making it very easy for John Kasich to win re-election," says Fitrakis. "That’s all this bill is about. You know we are really collateral damage as the Green Party. They are really going after the Libertarian Party because of its ties to the tea party and some of the issues that the Governor has taken a stance on for the affordable care act. That’s what this bill is about."

The Libertarian who wants to run against Governor Kasich next fall agrees. Charlie Earl says his group will file a lawsuit immediately if the house passes new rules that make it harder for his group to be listed on the ballot as a minor party. The sponsor of the bill, Republican State Senator Bill Seitz, says the rules are needed because, right now, there are not consistent rules being applied to make sure parties have enough support to be on the ballot.