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Portman Says No To Military Attack In Syria


Ohio Senator Rob Portman (R) says he will not support the resolution that authorizes President Obama to use military force in Syria. He made his remarks on the Senate floor Tuesday morning, ahead of Obama's scheduled address to the nation. Portman characterized the President's plan as "strike first, strategy later" and he told the Senate he thought military force wasn’t the answer because it may not prevent future use of chemical weapons and would not bring stability to Syria.

"The situation we face in Syria today is partly the result of a failed foreign policy. It’s time for a change of course.  We need a comprehensive, long term strategy first—not a strike and then the promise of a strategy," says Portman.

Members of Congress are divided on the plan. Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of Senators passed an alternate resolution on Syria. It would direct the UN to confirm that chemical weapons were used. The UN would then remove those weapons. If that doesn’t happen, the President is authorized to use military force.