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BCI Releases Preliminary Report on Schenck Standoff

The Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) has released a preliminary report regarding a July 30 standoff at a Yellow Springs residence that lasted nearly six hours.

BCI was asked by Yellow Springs Police Chief Tony Pettiford and Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer to investigate the death of 42-year-old Paul E. Schenck, who lived in the 200 block of North High Street. Schenck was found dead in his residence after a near six hour standoff with police.

Several special agents and supervisors from BCI have been investigating the crime scene and in a preliminary report released Tuesday, say they recovered 191 shell casings, with 107 bullet holes going out of the High Street home. Five shell casings were collected from behind the house and were identified as belonging to a SWAT member.

Three neighbors had their homes struck by bullets and four law enforcement vehicles were struck by rounds alleged to have been fired by Schenck. Also recovered from his residence was a Glock 22 handgun, a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun, two AK-47 rifles, and one Springfield Armory 1911 handgun. Nearly 2,000 rounds of ammunition was found in Schenck's home.

Ben Suver of BCI, says this type of detailed investigation is critical in determining what happened during the standoff.

"It's essential because we can then identify where a lot of those rounds came from, what type of weapon they came from. It's essential to know that these shots came from within the house or outside of the house or how far away they were," he said.

Suver says the investigative work resembles what most people see on TV crime shows with sophisticated equipment and extensive forensic work playing key roles in helping agents determine what happened.

"We have multiple tools at our disposal that we're able to basically map out the entire crime scene so we can identify all pieces of evidence. And if we had to we could go back and put them all back where they were found," he said.

The Montgomery County Coroner's office has completed the autopsy on Schenck and will send the report to the Greene County Coroner's Office who will complete the investigation and issue its finding within a month.