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Good News And Bad News For Ohioans Traveling This Holiday Weekend

July Third is one of the biggest travel days of the year and there’s good news and bad news for Ohio motorists.

First, the unpleasant part. It’s expected that nearly 1.7 million Ohioans will be traveling 50 miles or more from home this holiday period, with 1.4 million of those people driving this holiday period. That could mean busy, congested highways, and the possibility for delays and traffic accidents. A spokesperson for Auto club AAA says it’s especially important to be alert and drive safely when there’s that many people on the road. Cindy Antrican says AAA has launched a campaign called "Know Before You Go" to help travelers. It provides a breakdown of the different driving laws in different states that Ohio motorists are likely to be traveling through.

"For instance, in Ohio, if your windshield wipers are on, your headlights need to be on. Different states have some little anomalies like that people should familiarize themselves with before they go out," says Antrican.

There is some good news, and that is that gas prices are a bit lower this week. In the Miami Valley, the current average is about 3.20 per gallon.  Ohio motorists traveling to the most popular destinations, like the beach or Disneyland, can expect to pay 3.50 a gallon or less along the way.