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Have you ever had to reinvent yourself, because of the big changes in our local economy or in your personal life? Did you lose a job, go back to school, do things you never thought you’d be doing? What is that like?

ReInvention Stories: Jeremy Pennucci

Jeremy Pennucci
Jeremy Pennucci

This week on ReInvention Stories we meet Jeremy Pennucci, owner of the Hazy Shade Disc Golf shop in Belmont. 

Pennucci grew up in Riverside. He always wanted to get into construction, and worked in that field for eight years. Pennucci found it less satisfying than he expected, and realized the toll it would take on his body. He was looking for something new when he was introduced to a sport called disc golf.

Hazy Shade Disc Golf is located on Waterveleit Avenue, in Belmont.  The store's new location is expected to open July 4th Weekend, almost across the street from the current store. This ReInvention Story was produced by Julia Reichert, Shawndra Jones, Kyle Wilkinson, and Eric Risher.

Visit ReInventionStories.org to learn more about Jeremy and share your story on our interactive map.

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