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Amendments for More Money for Food Banks Not Accepted by Senate Committee

Food banks might lose the money that House lawmakers put in their version of the budget. The Senate’s changes to the budget plan that was voted out of committee today/yesterday do not include a House provision to add 2 million dollars into the state’s food banks, and a Democratic amendment to do that was rejected. Lisa Hamler Fugitt of the Ohio Association of Food Banks says she’s disappointed that more funding for food banks was out of the Senate version of the budget, while changes to the state’s exotic animals law stayed in.

"When you look at the winners and the losers, it appears that the winners in this budget were black-handed, white-bellied, brown-headed black spider monkeys and the losers were Ohio’s hungry children,” says Hamler Fugitt.

Hamler Fugitt says she’s hopeful that some money might be restored when the two budgets go to a conference committee. And she says food banks are grateful for an I infusion of one and a half million dollars thanks to an executive order from Gov. John Kasich last month – it’s the fifth such order the Republican governor has signed for food banks.