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WYSO's Juliet Fromholt interview Jason Shelton in TrotwoodHave you ever had to reinvent yourself, because of the big changes in our local economy or in your personal life? Did you lose a job, go back to school, do things you never thought you’d be doing? What is that like?In season two of ReInvention Stories, we meet residents of Old North Dayton, Trotwood and Five Oaks; men and women, new immigrants and life-long residents, all of them transforming themselves and their communities.Every story you hear on the radio has a short film here on the website. Scroll down to see and hear them.An interactive map of Dayton, full of photos, patents, city events, history, is online at reinventionstoreis.org. Check it out. Find stories from your neighborhood, or add your own story!The ReInvention Stories team in season two is: filmmakers Julia Reichert, Steve Bognar, Shawndra Jones, Eric Risher and Basim Blunt plus WYSO producers Jerry Kenney, Juliet Fromholt, Sarah Buckingham and Neenah Ellis.A big thanks to the funders of season two – see them listed below - and a shout out to the original granting organizations. ReInvention Stories was part of Localore, a nation-wide initiative to encourage public radio stations to work with independent media producers of all stripes. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio were the major funders. We’re proud to say we were an original Localore station!00000173-90ba-d20e-a9f3-93ba72670000

ReInvention Stories: Barbara Caveda

Barbara Caveda
Barbara Caveda

Barbara Caveda’s mother was ill and couldn’t work while she was growing up on Staten Island, New York. At age twelve, Caveda left school to go to work and take care of her mom. She says the only thing that made her mother happy was baked goods – cakes, pastries, and especially chocolates.

Today, Caveda is pursuing that passion with a small home business called Barbara’s Chocolates, which she runs out of her own kitchen.

She chose Dayton at random, by pointing her finger on a map. And came here looking for a fresh start.

This ReInvention Story was produced by Kyle Wilkinson, Jude Whelley, Julia Reichert, and Sarah Buckingham

ReInvention Stories is brought to you by WYSO and Localore, a national initiative produced by AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio, Incorporated – in collaboration with Zeega- with financial support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.