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Split Among Conservatives Becoming More Pronounced

The rift among Republicans over the Ohio GOP's stance on major issues and its support of Gov. John Kasich is starting to look like a serious split. And some Republicans say they're ready to run away.

Tea Party leader Tom Zawistowski says he met this past weekend with the Ohio Constitution Party and is talking with others about finding a new political home for activists he calls “the force of the party”. And he says he doesn’t worry that this split is making conservatives look divided going into next year’s campaigns.

“I just think there’s a question of who’s a conservative and who’s not. And you prove that by your actions. And the actions we’re seeing from elected Republican officials certainly do not look conservative to us," says Zawistowski.

Incoming Ohio Republican Party chair Matt Borges said after the GOP chair vote that the party is trying to reach out to those who feel that they’re not being heard.

“These are all members of our Republican family, and part of the coalition that we need to build.” says Borges.

Zawistowski says it’s not about winning elections, it’s about fighting for principles. But Borges says he feels the Ohio GOP agrees with more than 90% of Tea Party voters.