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Husted Recognizes Clark County Company for Keeping Jobs in Ohio

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted paid a visit to Clark County on Thursday.

Husted presented a special award to a local manufacturing company.

Enon's Seepex, Incorporated has locations around the world, including China. Its Clark County location is the company’s headquarters for the North American and South American markets.

The company makes pumps used in the food industry and also for power plants, oil and gas producers and municipal water treatment facilities.

Husted's visit to Seepex was to present a special recognition award to the company for deciding to expand its Clark County operation and create 38 new jobs in the process. Husted says that the company's growth is a good sign for Ohio's manufacturing industry.

"They're is some really good things going on with advanced manufacturing technology related to oil and gas. And certainly the food industry is another driver of what they do, which is a very positive thing. And so there is reason for hope that as the government is having to back up on what they are spending that private sector investment will fill that void," Husted said.

Husted says that Ohio has worked hard politically to make the state more attractive to do business in.

"We have really overhauled our tax system in this state from being one of the most expensive tax systems for businesses to operate in to one of the best. And that's good for them. But the state's also been a partner in helping secure financing for these expansions. And so there is a little role for government of being involved and a little role for government of getting out of the way that's been a formula for helping companies like Seepex grow in our state," Husted said.

Husted says Seepex is a company that has a bright future in Ohio.

"They're just into this new expansion and they are already talking that there might be another one down the road potentially. No promises, but that things are going so well that they may have to actually expand again," Husted said.

Seepex spent $8 million to add 50,000 square feet to its Enon facility.