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State Budget Brings Welcome News For City Of Dayton

Local officials are breathing a sigh of relief today after Governor Kasich released his budget proposal for the next two years. As Emily McCord reports, cities aren’t facing the kind of cuts they did in the past, and may even see some modest growth.

Cities in Ohio are about to see a  nearly 10 percent jump in state funding under the Governor’s plan, which is far better than 2 years ago, when state money dropped by almost 50 percent.

"It was really frankly the last time through that took away almost everything cities get and there wasn’t much left to cut at," says Dayton City Manager, Tim Riordan. 

Riordan said the last budget cost Dayton 9 million dollars and this new proposal won’t fix all of the cities’ problems.

"It’s just that we won’t have to make one more cut, which I was really worried about having to do." says Riordan.

There’s still a lot of unknown as to the details of the plan, but Riordan says he doesn’t expect any more surprises. But local officials are watching the impact of the governors sales tax plan, which could add up to 10% in new revenue for county governments in the state.