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Award-Winning Photojournalist to Speak in Springfield Tonight

Award-Winning Photojournalist Ron Haviv (Ha-veev) has won awards for his coverage of conflict and humanitarian crises around the world. Tonight, he’ll end a two day residency at Wittenberg with a public discussion about his experiences.

Tonight’s speech is part of Wittenberg’s Visual Artist in Residency Series, and Ron Haviv part of his discussion will center around the impact a career like his can have on the world.

Haviv says he "covered a story in Panama and one of photographs I took was on the cover of Time, Newsweek, and US News in the same week. And when the US invaded Panama a few months later, President Bush spoke of the photos as one of the reason why we were invading Panama. And when I understood that I really started to understand the value of photojournalism, and what it could do."

Included in Haviv’s speech tonight, will also likely be a discussion of the dedication and the dangers involved in the profession, and that "Just a few days ago I attended the funeral of Marie Colvin, she was a writer for the London Sunday Times. She was recently killed in Syria, along with French Photographer, Remi Ochlik.

Less than a year ago, three other photographers were killed covering the fighting in Lybia. So its a constant thought in my mind, and I'm sure my colleagues minds, on how to do this, why we do this, and how to do it and survive."

Haviv’s photography will remain on display at Wittenberg through Saturday, March 17.

Tonight’s public forum takes place at 7:30 in Wittenberg’s Bayley Auditorium.