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Crows love hanging out in Springfield


SPRINGFIELD - Thousands of crows have been swarming around downtown Springfield for several months. It's not unusual for the birds to come to this area. That's been happening since the 1970s. 

The crows blanket the tree tops and the sky in such great numbers that at times it becomes impossible to see anything other than their impressive v-shaped formations.

Recently, on a chilly early morning walk, Clark County Audubon Society President, Doug Overacker and Julie Karlson of the Audubon Society were busy counting crows. Karlson has been counting the crows since December.

"I estimated 30,000 crows at the Christmas bird count, but this roost has been estimated at sometimes over 100,000 birds. I am sure we saw 30,000 birds this morning," Karlson said.

Not to worry, Doug Overacker says the birds don't present a health risk to the city. He says the reason they've been coming here is because of a good food supply.

"Crows are omnivores they will eat just about anything," Overacker said. "Any grubs or waste corn, seeds, crows will eat anything."

But where there's a lot of eating, there's a lot of mess left behind. And that's ruffled the feathers of city officials, who say they've had to pay overtime to clean up after the birds. Others, in the city are having a little more fun with it.

"It is exactly like an Alfred Hitchcock movie," Un Mundo Coffee Shop employee Anna Stricker said. "I actually don't mind them. I think they are a cool quirk of Springfield."

Love them or hate them, they are not going to be around for much longer. The Audubon Society says the crows will be leaving their Springfield roost by mid-March.