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State Board Approves Medical Marijuana Petition

The Ohio ballot board says there’s no reason to split a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow medical marijuana into more than one part. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles has details.

Sometimes, when groups want to circulate petitions to put an issue on the ballot, the board that oversees petition language splits the petitions because they involve more than one subject.  But not this time around.  The Ohio Ballot Board unanimously agrees the most recent petition that would allow medical marijuana can stay intact. 

Theresa Daniello, a backer of the proposal, says that she and others can begin to circulate petitions on her group’s plan, "We have an entirely new approach to medical marijuana."

Daniello explains her group’s proposed amendment would allow a board made up of doctors and health leaders to oversee medical marijuana in Ohio.  That’s different from another proposed amendment that would allow medical marijuana.  The plan that was approved for circulation last fall does not have such a board.  Backers of each plan will need about 386 thousand valid petition signatures to get the proposals on the statewide ballot.