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Dayton Education Association President pleased with Outcome on Issue 2

Ohioans voted yesterday to repeal Senate Bill 5, the new collective bargaining law.

David Romick is the President of the Dayton Education Association. He
is pleased with the outcome, but he said for members of his coalition
of firefighters, teachers, nurses, police, there's no doubt this issue
will come up again.

"Fortunately we've got a little bit of time to breathe," Romick said.
"Probably that legislation will start coming back to us in a piecemeal
fashion in 2012, so we'll keep an eye on legislation coming out of
Columbus as we always do and react to it when it comes."

Romick said there were parts of SB5 that the public and the teachers
union were in favor of, such as merit based pay which Romick's
coalition supports.

"I think to allow those decisions to be made locally with local school
boards and local teachers associations is a more valuable way to go
than to sort of force it top-down from Columbus. It's obvious that
Ohians are thinkers and they know what's right. Thank you for standing
up for public employees."

Romick said SB5 would have been devastating for Dayton teachers.