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Ohio group claims ad stole grandmother's image

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Groups on both sides of the push to repeal Ohio's collective bargaining law are taking shots at each other over a great-grandmother and a firefighter appearing in separate ads.

Union-backed We Are Ohio on Tuesday noted their ad featuring Marlene Quinn of Cincinnati thanking firefighters for saving her great-granddaughter. In the ad, Quinn asks voters to repeal the law. An ad by Republican- and business-backed Building a Better Ohio used the same footage cutting out Quinn's repeal request.

Building a Better Ohio on Tuesday accused a firefighter from a previous We Are Ohio ad of lying to news media about his health benefit costs.

On the November ballot issue: a law, banning public worker strikes, limiting collective bargaining to wages, and certain employment conditions including hours. It also ask public employees to pay 15 percent of their health costs, and contribute 10 percent toward their pensions. The law affects some 350,000 public employees.