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Husted Wants Bipartisan Panel To Draw Ohio Lines

The Ohio Apportionment Board has approved maps for state house and senate districts for the next decade. The lone Democrat on the board, House Minority Leader Armond Budish, says the maps are skewed to greatly favor Republicans and he says Democrats and the public were left out of the process.

"As part of what seems to be the common thread all year, the majority map was crafted under a shroud of secrecy with no public input and no input from the minority party," says Budish.

Budish wants the process changed. Secretary of State Jon Husted says he does too. He says the legislature is going to, once again, take up his plan to have redistricting done by a bipartisan board. He says it’s time for the partisanship to stop.

"To all of the partisans, on both sides, STOP. I know there’s frustration and anger that will be out there today from the minority and I know there will be some in the majority that will be doing end zone dances. It has to stop," says Husted.

Republicans who dominate the apportionment board say the new legislative maps are constitutional and follow the voting rights act. Democrats, who say the new districts are skewed to help Republicans win elections, say they might sue or wage a referendum over the maps.