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Governor's Energy And Economy Summit Highlights Arguements From Left And Right

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Duke Energy

There was a wide variety of opinion at the Governor’s summit on energy and the economy in Columbus. Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports most of it dealt with the effect of energy policies on the state’s economy, but not all of it.

Most of the commentary in the sessions was very Ohio specific. But some panelists and attendees branched out further, such as Steve Frenkle with the Union of Concerned Scientists in his criticism of Republican presidential candidates and the climate.
“Time and time again what we’ve seen is that the science is rigorous.  Consensus around the world amongst 98% of climatologists is that climate change is real and is man made.”

Way on the other side was Robert Murray, whose Cleveland-based company was hit with the largest safety violations fine in US history after a deadly coal mine collapse in 2007 in Utah that killed six miners. He claimed the coal mining industry is being destroyed.

“And the reason is President Barack Hussein Obama, the greatest threat to the economy of the state of Ohio and this country.”

The conference drew a thousand business leaders, lobbyists and state and local government officials.